The First High Voltage Electric 2-Wheeler In India

Kaynes Technology, a major player in India’s electronics manufacturing services, is a strategic investor in Raptee. They are also contracted to manufacture specific components for Raptee.

Unlike all the electric two-wheelers being sold in India currently, Raptee’s first electric high-speed electric two-wheeler (E2W) motorcycle will be a high voltage one. Dinesh Arjun, Co-founder & CEO of Raptee Energy, in a conversation with Electronics For You, said, “We will target the 250cc category of motorcycles in India with our first product. It will be priced somewhere close to ₹250,000.”

The biggest USP of this motorcycle, and most other Raptee products, as Arjun explained, would be their capability to get charged at combined charging system (CCS) standard electric vehicle chargers. Currently, only electric cars available in India can do so. “This will ensure that Raptee products can leverage existing fast chargers in the country. We will be the only ones to do long highway travels on our motorcycles because of these chargers,” he says.


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