Revolutionising Analogue Radio Frequency IP Development In India

Silizium Circuits, an Indian startup pioneering analogue RF IP development, is reshaping India’s semiconductor landscape, focusing on hard IPs and innovative protection strategies

In the dynamic landscape of the semiconductor industry, the emergence of specialised companies catering to analogue and RF design has become increasingly significant. Two friends, Dr Arun Ashok and Rijin John, with an impressive academic background and a common vision for advancing analogue radio frequency (RF) front-end intellectual property (IP) development in India, came up with an interesting semiconductor startup, Silizium Circuits.

Co-founders (L to R) Rijin John and Dr Arun Ashok
Co-founders (L to R) Rijin John and Dr Arun Ashok

The startup is focused on the development of analogue radio frequency IP. The company’s contribution to IP development is creating hard IPs – integral components embedded within electronic devices. The strategic approach caters to companies or clients seeking to fabricate their chips but often requires external IP partnerships due to the intricacies involved. Sizilium emerges as a potential partner.


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