Revealing The Future Of High-Voltage Innovation With Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has introduced a new high voltage portfolio, its benefits, and applications in a briefing session hosted by experts.

Texas Instruments conducted an online brief session on Thursday, 14th September 2023, to discuss a new high voltage portfolio. The session was hosted by Tsedeniya Abraham, general manager of isolation at Texas Instruments and Azhar Mohammed, product line manager of isolation at Texas Instruments. They have introduced the new product portfolio, its benefits, and applications. The ISOM8110 is a DC input, transistor output, single-channel, opto-emulator with 100% to 155% CTR. 

The ISOM811x series embodies single-channel optocoupler-emulators, furnished with diode-emulator input and transistor output functionalities. While talking about the new opto-emulator devices, Tsedeniya said these devices are pin-compatible and can directly replace numerous conventional optocouplers, facilitating upgrades to existing systems without necessitating PCB redesigns.

These opto-emulators surpass their optocoupler counterparts in both reliability and performance, boasting features such as high bandwidth, minimised turn-off delay, reduced power consumption, extended temperature tolerance, and stringent CTR and process controls that minimise component variability. The absence of ageing effects or temperature fluctuations to adjust for means the emulated diode-input stage utilises less power compared to traditional optocouplers.

The product’s exemplary performance and dependability earmark them as suitable components in various applications including power supply feedback designs, motor drives, industrial controller I/O modules, factory automation setups, and beyond. Its surge capability can withstand up to 10-kV, functioning optimally within a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. “The company also provides technical support for the newly launched opto-emulators,” added Azhar.

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