Media Accelerator Card To Enhance Interactive Video Streaming Services

First 5nm ASIC-based media accelerator card to power new era of interactive media services at scale

The Alveo MA35D is a purpose-built video processing card with AI-enabled video optimization for data centres.

The Alveo MA35D media accelerator from AMD is a 5nm ASIC-based media accelerator card designed for video acceleration for data centres. It can improve the quality of video streaming services and ultimately end users’ experience while reducing the cost of operations. The media accelerator features dual ASIC-based video processing units (VPUs) and can deliver high channel density and power efficiency while reducing the cost of processing. It also features an AI processor that evaluates content, frame-by-frame, and dynamically adjusts encoder settings to improve perceived visual quality while minimizing bitrate. Moreover, the MA35D platform provides ultra-low latency support for the mainstream H.264 and H.265 codecs and features next-generation AV1 transcoder engines delivering up to a 52% reduction in bitrate for bandwidth savings versus a comparable software implementation. The MA35D is suitable for video streaming applications such as watch parties, live shopping, online auctions, social streaming, etc.

According to the company, the Alveo MA35D media accelerator delivers up to 1.8X greater compression efficiency, 4x higher channel density, and 4x max lower latency in 4K compared to the previous generation of media accelerator from AMD. The media accelerator card can support the AV1 compression standard and utilizes a purpose-built VPU to accelerate the entire video pipeline. The purpose-built video processing architecture features an AV1 accelerated pipeline which enables it to deliver 32x 1080p streams per card with AI-enabled video quality optimization.

“We worked closely with our customers and partners to understand not just their technical requirements, but their infrastructure challenges in deploying high-volume, interactive streaming services profitably,” said Dan Gibbons, general manager of AECG Data Center Group, AMD. “We developed the Alveo MA35D with an ASIC architecture tailored to meet the bespoke needs of these providers to reduce both capital and operating expenses for delivering immersive experiences to their users and content creators at scale.”

AMD, is an American multinational semiconductor company that develops high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies for business and consumer markets.

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